Marketing Pipeline Tools Of 2015

Marketing Pipeline Tools of 2015 are spanning the market as a newly vital component to your funnel efforts. Too often, loads of time and money are being poured into campaign work that can often just end up as a pile of rocks. These campaigns often have c-level employees and stakeholders searching for the tangibles: where is our ROI and how is this contributing to our pipeline?

Imagine a leading software solution providing access to competitor intel, that simultaneously scales and optimizes your existing content by using custom organic and paid search campaigns, and assesses the performance with real-time metrics.

Captora was voted "Best Content Marketing Solution" & "Best Digital Marketing Solution" of 2015 for very clear reasons. Captora is the pioneer in top-of-the- funnel marketing solutions, providing new capabilities for marketers today.

Take a quick look at our demo video to learn why Captora is a leader in today's marketing software world.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video