Marketing Pipeline Tools

Marketing Pipeline Tools are now considered an essential in your funnel as a whole. Marketing Departments throw away loads of time and funds into marketing campaigns that turn out to be fruitless. These campaigns leave c-level execs and stakeholders scratching their heads, and marketers panicking to bring in revenue. Often times the answers to these marketing questions are left unanswered.

  • Is our funnel bringing in traffic that is driving conversion?
  • What is the Customer Acquisition Cost and what are we doing to minimize it?
  • Which channels are bringing about high volumes of search from the buyer's end?
  • Where does our content stand against competitors'?

All completely reasonable questions; but the means of getting the answers can add up in terms of headcount needs and funding. Marketers need to be utilizing pipeline tools to simplify their efforts while driving results.

Imagine a leading software solution that gives you access to competitor intelligence, scales and optimizes your content with custom organic and paid campaigns, and tracks the performance that reflects your pipeline goals. You best believe it exists.

Captora. Voted "Best Digital Marketing Solution" and "Best Content Marketing Solution" of 2015! Captora solves the challenges associated with driving pipeline for modern-day marketers.

Captora delivers. Check out our demo video for more.

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