Marketing Pipeline Software

Marketing Pipeline Software is a must in your marketing mix. A lot of marketers waste money and time building marketing campaigns, and on top of that have limited ability to measure the successes of those campaigns. C-Level execs look for pipeline metrics to justify the marketing strategy.

  • Is the funnel generating conversions that reduce the cost of customer acquisition?
  • What type of content is driving traffic and is it generating ROI as hoped for?
  • How are we doing comparatively against competition?

The means for gaining this information can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. At the end of the day, marketers usually do not have the funds or headcount to sort out all of this information manually.

Allow us to show you Captora! The leader in digital marketing solutions that allow you to assess the competitive markets, target and attract buyers, and build out content that will allow them to engage and then convert, driving the pipeline that you are seeking.

Captora is your solution for your marketing department as it is guaranteed to lower your cost-per-lead (CPL), bring in your pool of buyers who are searching for you (that you may not know about) and allow you to gain 100% better conversion rates.

Rev your marketing engines & get ready to drive pipeline! Watch our free demo vid, now!

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