Marketing Pipeline Generation Tools

Marketing pipeline generation tools are critical in creating a high value pipeline while simultaneously reducing Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Modern marketers are painfully aware of the fact that the landscape of marketing is continually shifting. This means marketers are under greater pressure to accelerate pipeline, fuel growth, and gather in more leads. The burden of generating pipeline makes it even more crucial for marketers to have tools in place to get the biggest impact with the lowest amount of effort. Yet, they do not want to compromise quality for quantity.

Captora's digital marketing optimization platform enables marketing acceleration. Captor's end-to-end platform delivers 2x the speed of actionable insights, significantly more organic search visits, 100% higher conversions, 10x targeted landing pages, and 55% better cost per lead (lower).

Captora's product delivers:

  • Real-time Buyer and Competitive Intelligence
  • Easy Paid and Organic Campaign Creation Tools
  • Cross funnel Analytics to track visits and conversions across all of your campaigns

Watch this 2 minute video to learn more about Captora and its innovative marketing pipeline generation tools for both paid and organic channels.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video