Marketing Pipeline Definition

Pipeline marketing is the next evolution of demand generation where modern organizations leverage both sales and marketing data to drive better decision making on what constitutes a qualified lead in the pipeline. A sales pipeline is only as good as its marketing pipeline and the quality of the marketing pipeline has a huge impact on revenue. Therefore, marketing optimization tools that can drive qualified and targeted leads into the pipeline is more critical than ever.

Captora is the industry's leading demand generation platform that drives high quality marketing pipeline. With Captora, your marketing team is able to:

  • Access real-time buyer and competitive intelligence to clearly identify priorities for new campaigns (search phrases + highly optimized landing pages), content promotion opportunities, and where your demand gaps are
  • Scale and optimize digital campaigns and relevant content to engage new, previously anonymous buyers, across paid, organic, and social channels
  • Report success across campaigns, channels, content and the funnel as a whole

Companies like DocuSign, Marketo, ServiceMax, Innotas, and Host Analytics are leveraging Captora to significantly scale their pipeline across both paid and organic channels, thereby boosting revenue and conversion rates.

For more details on how you can leverage Captora to boost your marketing pipeline, please watch this 2 min video.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video