Marketing Pipeline Analysis

Marketing Pipeline Analysis is a crucial step in a marketers evaluative processes. As a marketer, you must be able to quantify your marketing efforts with hopes that your content and promotions are being optimized and your objectives are being met.

Today the tools and technology available to augment pipeline are countless. Marketers must devise a game plan to generate high quality leads, in sync with their sales teams, and drive revenue. Marketing productivity is defined differently among various businesses. Businesses that are succeeding today with marketing pipeline are adding the following to their marketing blend:

  • Non-branded Leads
  • Inbound/ Outbound/ Referral Pipeline
  • Conversion Rate Fluctuations
  • Cost Per Lead patterns

Having a marketing pipeline assessment can ensure you are giving appropriate attention to the successes and shortcomings of your marketing efforts. What are the metrics that are most important in overseeing marketing efforts? Where can you go to to seek accurate overviews of your marketing pipeline. The answer usually lies within a costly, and inaccurate technology that is not sustainable for the longevity of marketing successes.

Stop your searching! The platform that ties content to buyer intent search phrases, and crawls your and your competitors content to assess your ranking is here!

Captora. The Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform.

Captora allows you to

  • Scale your existing content to run customer-centric campaigns across channels that your prospective users are present on.
  • Launch paid and organic campaigns that will drive traffic and result in lower costs per lead.
  • Capture buyers at targeted stages of the buyer journey and track your marketing efforts with real-time analytics in a user-friendly dashboard that has analytics C-Level employees care about.

Our quick demo video will showcase the successes you are sure to gain when you implement Captora.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video