Marketing Metrics For Small Businesses In Tech

Marketing metrics for small business in tech are imperative as c-level employees and stakeholders want to see tangible metrics encompassing their pipeline. Do you struggle to understand if you are thriving as a small business? Are you creating valuable content that drives engagement, who convert and bring in revenue? It is tough to say without a mechanism of measuring success.

To best measure the successes of marketing campaigns, small business marketers should look at:

  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), Cost per lead (CPL), Retention Rates & Customer Satisfaction
  • Growth in Numbers and Pipeline
  • Traffic Channels - Which ones are being used most?
  • Target accounts - What is the number of target accounts in your database and how are you prioritizing your campaigns to be in alignment.
  • Engagement on social channels, website and dedicated landing pages.

Captora: the digital marketing acceleration platform that is built to assist businesses in identifying pain points and search phrases that people use to search for solutions or products. Small business marketers who may have a stricter marketing budget, the key behind growth is being able to utilize technology to do the heavy lifting. Captora provides the ability to scale up marketing campaigns based on user data and insight to [properly allocate budget. Learn how Captora can help ramp up your pipeline and drive the success of your lean marketing team- watch our demo video!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video