Marketing Metrics For Small Business

Are you struggling to understand how well you are marketing your small business? Some of the biggest challenges small business marketers face is understanding who their target audience is and how well they are at engaging them.

In order to measure the success of their marketing campaigns, small business marketers should measure;

  • Cost per lead (CPL) Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), Customer Retention & Customer Satisfaction
  • Growth
  • Traffic Channels - direct, organic, referral?
  • Hot Targets - number of target accounts who are in your sweet spot so you prioritize your campaigns.
  • Engagement on social media, website and dedicated landing pages.

Captora is helping small businesses identify what pain points and search terms people are using to search for their solutions or products. For small business marketers, who may not have a huge marketing budget, the key to growth is leveraging technology to help do the heavy lifting. With Captora, marketers can now scale up their marketing campaigns based on data and know where to spend their time and money to achieve the results they need. Find out how Captora can help increase your pipeline for your small busienss and help your lean marketing team do more across channel.

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