Marketing Metrics For Services

Are you under more pressure to drive revenue and fuel pipeline growth? As marketing is now viewed as a revenue driver, rather than a cost center, this is a reality that many modern digital marketers are facing. However, as buyers are being engage with multiple touch points throughout the customer journey, tying your marketing efforts to ROI can be quite challenging. That is why marketers need an effective service to help them monitor marketing metrics that prove success. Here are some marketing metrics to help you justify your marketing efforts.

  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Conversion Rates
  • Non branded search traffic
  • Number of marketing generated and qualified leads.

Captora is a Solution as a Service company that is helping companies improve on these marketing metrics in order to fuel growth. Here are some ways Captora can help you.

  • Compare your content against your competitors in order to identify content marketing gaps and missed opportunities.
  • Use this data to intelligently create hundreds of SEO optimized landing pages. This is where marketers can use data to get personalized content in front of potential customers. These help improve CPL, conversion rates and non branded search traffic.
  • Monitor the success of success of these campaigns to ensure you are getting the most relevant content in front of the right people.

Learn how Captora can help you improve conversion rates, costs per lead, customer acquisitions, % of net new leads and overall search traffic.

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