Marketing Metrics For Direct Mail

Direct mails furnished with appropriate marketing content will attract quality leads for B2B marketers. Captora’s Marketing Execution Platform is world’s first cloud solution that expands and optimizes the content marketing automatically to capture numerous leads across multiple channels.

Captora’s Marketing Execution Platform ensures that B2B marketers intelligently and automatically leverage the email content to drive pipeline growth across all channels. Captora helps in three major ways:-

  • Leverages the existing content (email and website) automatically to create new campaigns
  • Successfully reaches and engages new prospective buyers across various channels
  • Constantly reviews and optimizes campaigns for improved conversion rates

To attract quality leads the direct emails should have the apt content presented in the apt manner. Captora’s marketing platform draws insight about your competitors with which you can prepare useful and valuable content for the direct mailers. Captora enhances the cost per lead (CPL) by generating more leads with less effort. Request for a Captora demo.

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