Marketing Lead Nurturing

​Marketing automation has been popular for many fast growing companies. Being able to streamline, automate, and measure marketing workflows is critical for efficiency and growth.  Marketing automation softwares include relationship marketing, lead nurturing, lead generation, and more. Companies like Marketo,Eloqua, and Salesforce are great tools that help nurture relationships with leads within your CRM system. Lead nurturing is the process of creating educational and interesting content that engages buyers and builds brand awareness. However, lead nurturing doesn’t help marketers reach new buyers who are not familiar with your brand.

Marketers want to be able to drive leads and increase pipeline growth as much as they can. Nurturing leads is great for building relationships with qualified prospects, but reaching new buyers is critical for growth. In order to reach new prospective buyers, marketers must create educational and interesting content that will engage new buyers to learn more about your product or service. However, marketers are struggling to create content that causes conversions has ties to ROI. 

To be successful in modern marketing, marketers need to engage new buyers as well as nurture existing leads. Captora takes marketing automation to another level by expanding top-of-funnel marketing to engage and capture new prospective buyers not within your CRM database. By indexing existing content, Captora automatically creates targeted content-driven campaigns to ensure that marketers are creating relevant content. With Captora, marketers can close content gaps, see how they are doing relative to their competitors, and capture thousands of new buyers. By utilizing top-of-funnel marketing, marketers can drive pipeline and nurture more leads down the line. Now, marketers can meet their marketing goals with a powerful system like Captora.


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