Marketing Lead Generation Process

Marketers are continuously thinking about creative ways to drive leads. Marketing lead generation refers to capturing customers' interest to build pipeline. Within the last decade the buying process has changed, and marketers have been trying to find new ways to be heard among the noise. Instead of reaching customers through email blasts and ads, marketers should be focusing on using lead generation to build lasting relationships with buyers.

One effective way of building relationships with buyers is by producing engaging content that will make your buyers want to learn more. Marketers should be creating content that will educate buyers about a product or service. By creating value for buyers, marketers can help the sales team generate more leads and see leads convert to loyal customers faster. The challenge remains that marketers are still creating content that is not reaching their target audience.

Creating an effective lead generation strategy will help marketers build trust and capture buyers interest. Captora is an inbound service solution that focuses on attracting buyers who are not within your CRM system. By optimizing top-of-funnel marketing, Captora helps marketers reach new buyers in order to increase pipeline. Captora’s patent technology leverages content within your ecosystem to automatically create campaigns targeted to what your buyers are looking for. Marketers can now feel confident in creating content that will reach potential buyers and drive leads at a lower acquisition cost.

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