Marketing Lead Generation Companies

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve and become increasingly competitive, marketers will be under more pressure to generate leads and own a larger percentage of the pipeline. In order to adapt to these additional pressures, it is crucial that modern marketers are utilizing all of the tools and technologies at their disposal. Here are several companies that will help improve your inbound marketing/lead generation strategies.

  1. Hootsuite - Hootsuite enables marketers to promote messages across all social media channels from one cloud-based platform. While it is difficult to always measure the ROI on social media marketing efforts, it is undeniable that being present on social media enhances the reach, engagement and influence of your content. Here are a couple stats on the importance of marketing on social media channels.
    • 67% of people on Twitter are more inclined to buy from companies they follow. (ContentPlus)
    • 79% of Twitter users are more inclined to recommend companies they follow. (QuickSprout)
  2. Marketo - Marketo is the leading vendor of Marketing Automation (M/A). Through lead scoring and lead nurturing, M/A enables companies to streamline the process of website visitors becoming a marketing qualified leads. Not all leads you generate through inbound marketing will be qualified. So, by force feeding your sales messaging to someone who doesn't even understand the industry you are not only wasting your time, you are likely to drive the consumer away. M/A automatically alerts sales when a lead is ready to be contacted by sales, thus bridging the gap between marketing and sales. Here a 2 stats on the importance of having marketing automation
    • Lead nurturing generates 50% more MQLS at a third of the cost. (Forrester Research)
    • A lack of nurturing leads is the main reason why 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales.
  3. Captora! Captora is a digital marketing solution that provides their customers with buyer and competitive intelligence in regards to content and content reach. Captora then allows companies to optimize landing pages and tailor messaging to specific keywords that are being promoted by their competition and/or actively being searched by potential buyers. Furthermore, Captora integrates into existing back office investments such as your CRM's, ESP's, CPS's and M/A platforms. With Captora, companies like Marketo saw 45% growth in their number of leads and were able to report success of hundreds of campaigns across multiple channels - in real time.

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