Marketing Inbound Suggestions

Marketing Inbound Suggestions were once maybe disregarded, but now they need to be accepted! Inbound efforts are imperative to your marketing mix. Does your inbound marketing align with your overall strategy?

Inbound marketing allows prospective buyers to discover your business through content that the buyer is searching for; today this involves long-tail keywords.

There are a few suggestions we may offer to all marketing teams out there relating to your content and your inbound strategy overall:

  • Hone in on Audience-Centric Content. Content Marketing Institute(CMI) has found that each day, 27 million+ forms of content are promoted through the web. As a result, there is a higher need for valuable content that relevant to the buyer's search query. Companies need to create and deliver content relating to their buyers intent, else they will suffer in ranking on search engines. To be on top of the game in inbound marketing, valuable and audience focused content are not optional.
  • Leverage Social Media Promotions. Social Media=HUGE! Social channels create the tunnel between customers and companies, and stream content between the two in hopes that they will discover one another.Social media gives a sense of connectivity with targeted audience and other companies in the industry, too.
  • Implement Marketing Automation. Marketo has researched that "Companies excelling in marketing automation will gain 50% more qualified leads at 1/3 of the cost." Not all web visitors who have filled out a form of some type are ready to be approached by sales. In fact, having sales pitch to a customer who is less familiar with your industry will surely create space between you two. Marketing automation helps you, as a marketer, collaborate with sales to identify and then nurture high-quality leads.

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