Marketing Inbound Best Practices

Marketing Inbound Best Practices is an evolving idea in the world of business today. What is Marketing Inbound? How does it align with your Marketing Strategy, or does it?

Inbound marketing is a process that involves helping online consumers discover your business with content based on buyer intent signals (meaning those particular key phrases they are searching for). Generally, this occurs in the "education" phase of the buyer journey. Inbound marketing utilizes various channels to cultivate brand awareness and drive new business. Among these strategies are:

    • social media marketing
    • content marketing
    • lead nurturing
    • social media
    • blog posting
    • email blasts
    • webinars

To highlight a few Best Practices from our eBook focused on content generation:

    • Audience Centric Content - Content Marketing Institute has researched that each day, over 27 million pieces of content are promoted on the web. Thus, the need for valuable content that is relevant to consumer needs is also increasing. Companies that cannot create and deliver content that encompasses their buyers intent suffer demotion on Google's ranking. In order to stay ahead in the world of inbound marketing, you absolutely need valuable and audience focused content.
    • Social Media Promotions - Social Media is dominating in connecting customers to companies, allowing both parties to discover one another and even go so far as to engage in a communal sense. Social media fosters a sense of connectivity with audience and other industry members.
    • Marketing Automation - A study by Marketo shows "Companies that excel in marketing automation will incur 50% more qualified leads at one-third of the cost." Not all website visitors who have filled out some type of form are ready to be connected with sales. In fact, imposing your sales pitch on a consumer new to your industry, will surely create a gap between you two. Marketing automation is a solution to scoring and then nurturing high-quality leads while connecting the forces of sales and marketing.

Captora couples all the components of top-of-the-funnel marketing to integrate with the rest of your marketing efforts. Our lead generation platform is one-of-a-kind, raising brand awareness by attracting prospects, generate qualified leads based on those particular phrases they are searching for. Tailor your campaigns to the channels that are driving the most traffic for those phrases and nurture your leads to create marketing success!

Check out our demo video to see the platform in further detail!

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