Marketing Goals

It is important for all B2B marketers to calculate their customer acquisition cost (CAC) and cost per lead (CPL). CAC & CPL are closely related to marketing goals as they are indicators of your ability to generate new business with your marketing campaigns. Creating personalized content is also a huge marketing goal. In the current state of digital marketing, engaging people with personalized content is critical to your success. However, most marketers are unaware of what content is driving traffic.

What if there was a way to identify these anonymous buyers before your competition? With Captora you can leverage buyer and market intelligence so you can understand how people are searching for and around your solution. You can then use these data driven insights to create hundreds of digital marketing campaigns that are targeted to your buyers. Companies such as Marketo are leveraging Captora to engage unknown buyers with the specific content that they are looking for.

Find out how you can accelerate the sales funnel and reduce your CPL & CAC and reach your marketing goals!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video