Marketing Generate Leads

The method of generating leads shifted in the past decade. Traditionally, your sales team would bombard consumers with advertisements and messaging that gets lost in the noise. With more buyers online internet, they have taken charge of the buying process. The traditional tactics are no longer effective in capturing the interest of potential buyers. With content marketing being a buzzword in modern marketing practices, it has proven to drive growth. By creating great content, marketers will able to break through the noise and engage new buyers before their competition.

Marketers are reaching potential buyers at early stages of the buying process, thus by creating content that helps inform them about what you do is a valuable way to engage buyers. By producing content such as whitepapers, blogs, case studies, and more, that is used to educate will provide value to your buyers and help engage them with your product or service. Modern marketers spend their day guessing which campaigns to prioritize, what content to create, and what channels will be most effective for each campaign. In order to be successful, marketers need to stop guessing.

Captora’s patent technology takes the guesswork out of modern marketing. By optimizing top-of-funnel marketing, marketers can now reach and engage thousands of new buyers. Captora helps marketers capture new buyers w/ automated, multi-channel, content- & data-driven campaigns. Marketers are contributing to pipeline growth and lead generation just as much and sometimes more than your sales teams. Now you can generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and reduce cost per lead by creating valuable content that will engage your most likely buyers.

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