Marketing Funnel Stages

The marketing funnel is a three stage theoretical representation of the buyer journey - top, middle, bottom. In order to be successful in modern digital marketing, companies need to have all parts of the funnel working together as no one part works well alone. Lets take a deeper at the marketing funnel and how you can optimize it for success

  • Bottom - This is usually where your CRM is. At this stage a buyer is well into your marketing database and you should be constantly improving these relationships. CRM's allow your team to monitor the behavior of your contacts, and then reach out to them when they are qualified.
  • Middle - This is where you should be leveraging marketing automation (Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot) in order score and nurture known contacts with relevant content and personalized emails.
  • Top - Currently there is disconnect between how buyers use pain points to search for solutions and how marketers are using keywords to describe their solutions. In order to close the content gap, marketers need a technology to intelligently prioritize campaign creation

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