Marketing Funnel Definition

The marketing funnel is a theoretical representation of the buyer journey - from awareness to consideration to purchase. The funnel can be broken down into three parts;

Bottom of the Funnel - This is where your CRM is. You should be proactively enhancing customer relationships around sales reporting and customer activities.

Middle of the Funnel - The middle of the funnel (your marketing automation) is where your known contacts live. The middle of the funnel is great for scoring, nurturing, and email marketing. This is critical for moving buyers through the funnel and nurture them to sales-ready leads.

Top of the Funnel - Your buyers are using their own pain statements to search for a solution, so you need to ensure you are finding and capturing those buyers before your competition. There is a disconnect between how marketers are describing their products and how buyers are searching for them.

Captora address the gap in the top-of-funnel by enabling marketing teams to intelligently prioritize terms (or keywords) and scale marketing campaigns to capture new buyers across digital channels.

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