Marketing Execution Styles

Marketing execution styles vary depending on industry, company size, CMO, and a variety of other factors. Regardless of the strategy, methods, tools and techniques, there seems to be common goals across the board. Marketing is responsible for developing and driving campaigns that will target and attract their audience, enable customers to engage, and then ultimately, have them convert and deliver revenue. Content that is oriented to target buyers is a necessity. It is not enough to have a marketing strategy if you are not executing as needed. The demand today for marketers to leverage content that is relevant and traffic-inducing is so paramount, that funding seems to increase on the daily in marketing departments.

Many marketing departments have an area where they lack something: headcount, funding, content, time, or energy. All of these are issues that seem to hinder a marketing team's ability to execute their plan. Marketing strategies that are successful are rooted in well-managed content that is distributed and promoted efficiently and effectively. With the proper plan in line, content will hit buyers at the perfect moment, ensuring conversion at the top of the funnel and driving revenue in the tunnel as a whole.

Where does your content stand relative to that of your competition? How is your investment in marketing tools panning out in your overall business objectives? Captora is your marketing solution. Our platform enables you to evaluate the content investment and how your marketing campaigns stand against other market players. Captora’s Marketing Execution technology enables B2B marketers to see and assess content, marketing channels and campaigns that are both driving or delaying their marketing successes.

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