Marketing Execution Plan

Having marketing goals is one thing, but having a marketing execution plan is critical. Marketers today are challenged to develop feasible marketing plans that are tied to measurable objectives and goals. When executed properly, a marketing execution plan produces great content encompassing your brand's product or services and this content is then placed in that channels that will prioritize buyer conversion opportunity.

A functional marketing plan is contingent on being content-oriented while being in line with the marketing strategy. It is imperative that while you are attempting to drive revenue, your intention is to educate buyers with content that matters to the reader. It is even more important to promote this message if your brand or product is new to the market. In order to execute a functional strategy, you must also devise measurable goals with reliable data to support your content marketing efforts. Campaign development is a complex process, especially when most marketers have a TON of anonymous buyers.

So the goal is simple: identify, attract, engage, and WIN.

Meet Captora. The Digital Marketing Automation Platform that scales and optimizes your content to attract more buyers and generate high quality top of the funnel leads who will convert.

Allow Captora to crawl your content and your competitor's to assess where your content stands in comparison. Which type of long-tail keywords are your consumers searching for, and where can you target your content to hit those buyers and drive conversions, who will turn into revenue? Captora delivers all of this and more, including real-time analytics to track your successes in the world of content marketing.

Check out a video to hear more about how Captora belongs in your marketing mix.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video