Marketing Effectiveness

Integral to marketing effectiveness is producing content that engages prospective buyers and promotes the credibility of your brand. When marketers are looking to improve ROI and work efficiently under budget, they need to be certain that their campaigns are highly effective at engaging that interest. Reliable data is the only way that marketers can be certain that their content will lead to nurturing relationships with leads, whether already in the CRM database or buyers who have not yet committed to your brand. With measurable results showing marketing effectiveness, marketers can be sure that their content strategies are successful.

However, generating high-value information about the searches buyers are making can be incredibly challenging if marketers are relying only on their own guesswork. If buyer demand signals can be effectively answered through content, they will be captured by the products and services your brand offers as a solution to their problems; however, knowing what content to produce that differentiates your brand from the competitors is impossible without reliable data.

Captora helps marketers measuring marketing effectiveness through data-driven technology. Through Captora, marketers can:

  • rely on deep analytics to immediately see clickstream data, comparing your assets to competitors
  • swiftly deliver content-rich campaigns across multiple channels, targeted to the highest-priority segments
  • see up to 50% improvement in cost-per-lead acquisition

With Captora, marketers have access to instant, real time data showing the campaigns that are most relevant to buyer demand signals.

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