Marketing Data For Sale

Want to analyze your marketing data for sales and check its relevance? Captora enables you to easily understand the content investment and marketing campaign efficiency versus other market players. Using Captora’s Marketing Execution Platform B2B marketers can see and assess the content, marketing channels and campaigns are working favourable for them.

Captora’s marketing execution engine dynamically leverages this data and the existing content for creating new marketing data for sales. Captora’s Marketing Execution Platform ensures that the marketers are using their best content to reach to and attract quality leads before other competitors get them. Trusted data instead of loudest opinions substantiates the campaigns that are running successful and justifies requests for additional marketing budget, as the CPL is improving.

Captora scans and indexes all crucial content about your company and other competitors through your website, blogs, social media sites, competitor’s website and many more. Captora offers you with insightful data to generate impactful conversations with your buyers and convert them to your customers.

Find out how you can leverage real time data to drive revenue growth and streamline the process of passing high quality leads over to sales.

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