Marketing Content Strategy

A content marketing strategy enables you to effectively document and track important goals and metrics and relate those to your team members and C-level executives. Content marketing strategies provide great insight into what is working vs. what is not working, and why. It is absolutely crucial for modern marketers, who are now under great pressure to accelerate pipeline and increase ROI, to have a well documented content strategy in place. Not only will it enable you to connect the dots between content marketing efforts and ROI, it will also help eliminate the guess work as you can strategically distribute your content across multiple channels.

A generic content marketing strategy begins with, first budget setting, then documenting realistic and transparent goals. Begin asking question such as; what keywords are we primarily focused on? Who will our content serve? (Marketing solutions such as Captora help companies identify key demand signals, enabling them to attack direct competition to take back market share)

The next step is to develop buyer personas. With over 270,000,000 pieces of content being shared each day (AOL), it is important that you are catering to your target audience so that your content does not get lost in all of the noise. You can develop these personas by interacting with customers, pleased and unpleased, and getting a feel for not only their demographic (age, gender, location, etc.) but also their professional pain points, goals, and how your solutions helps them alleviate pains and achieve goals.

Finally, it is important to map your content to your sales pipeline/buyer journey. At the early stages you should be producing educational content that thrusts you into the category of thought leadership. In this sense marketing can be a lot like dating, if you come on too fast you will chase the other party away. However, you don't want to be giving your quality content away for free. So be sure to include lead capturing CTA's that will provide you with fresh contacts you can enter into your marketing platforms. Middle stage content creation should integrate some sort of marketing automation solution. Marketing automation solutions will enable you to track potential customers as they move through the buyer journey, enabling you to provide specific content to them at each stage.

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