Marketing Content Strategist

A true marketing content strategist knows that success is found in the creation of great content that is centered around brand credibility and nurturing trusting relationships with clients. As the targeted audience of buyers is a limited, educated group already familiar with the industry, it is crucial to create content that will effectively engage and inform. Strengthening brand credibility can happen only when the most effective content is placed across marketing channels, reducing any noise that might turn buyers off to your products and services.

Content rules in modern marketing. The creation of particular content that engages knowledgeable buyers while meeting their demand signals can be quite complex and challenging. How do marketers learn specifically what it is that buyers are searching for, and how do they quickly and continuously ensure that their content remains consistent and relevant while reducing cost-per-lead acquisition?

Captora gives marketers the opportunity to do all of this, while reducing any of the guesswork marketers may have relied on in the past to predict buyer sensibilities. Our data-based technology prioritizes content-driven campaigns, leveraging existing content and rapidly delivering it across channels. Captora allows marketers to know exactly what buyers are looking for through always-on clickstream data, and continuously executes content directed at the highest priority segments, growing pipeline and increasing lead volume.

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