Marketing Content Plan

​​Content is king. The new buzz around marketing has been about content. Marketers are spending hours creating content and have no tie to ROI. Buyers are looking at marketers to produce content that will offer them value and educate them about the product or service. The old methods of email blasts and billboard ads will not be effective in reaching those buyers. Marketers must now create whitepapers, inforgraphics, datasheets, and more to provide buyers with informative content that will engage them in learning more. However, marketers are finding that it is still hard to get heard through the noise.

Creating good content is just a step in being successful in content marketing. Marketers need to develop a content plan about how they will be reaching their audience, what information they should write about, and what channels they want to utilize. Without a system in place to help marketers know how to reach buyers and what content to create, marketers are still spending money and time guessing and trying different methods.

Captora helps marketers create content that reaches thousands of new buyers by expanding top-of-funnel marketing. Captora’s patent technology, leverages your content ecosystem to create campaigns that are targeted towards potential buyers. With Captora marketers have a plan that allows them to be successful in content marketing. Now marketers can increase traffic to their site, drive leads, and increase conversions.

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