Marketing Challenges

​Marketers are constantly thinking of ways to generate leads, engage new buyers, and increase brand awareness for their product or service. However, marketers are facing a number of challenges in achieving their marketing goals. With the shift in marketing practices, buyers are looking for content that will inform them about a product and service. Thus, marketers are struggling to create content that will actually lead to conversions and engage buyers. With all the noise on the web, marketers aren’t reaching their target audience or getting the results they want. 

Marketers are spending countless hours guessing what content they should be creating. Knowing one’s target audience and space isn’t enough for marketers to know what content to create. If marketers are able to educate their buyers about what problem they are solving and create content that will provide value, marketers will see an increase in conversions. There are many tools that marketers can utilize to create good content, but there is no system that helps marketers reach new buyers in an effective and easy way.

That’s why Captora was created. Captora helps marketers expand and optimize top-of-funnel marketing to ensure that they are reaching thousands of new buyers across multiple channels even if they do not know who they are. Captora’s patent technology leverages the content in your space to automatically create targeted data-driven campaigns based on what potential buyers are looking for. With Captora marketers no longer have to guess what content will reach their buyers. Now, marketers can close content gaps, reach potential buyers more effectively, and see how they are doing compared to their competition. Captora helps ease the challenges for marketers and helps make marketing easy. With Captora, marketers can drive leads, capture new buyers, and increase conversions, thus reaching their goals. 


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