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Did you know?

  • There are FEWER organizations in 2015 using content Marketing.
  • Only 5% of marketers think they are "very effective" at content marketing.
  • Brand Awareness is the top organizational goal for content marketing.
In response the these statistics are the following:
  • Content Marketing has transformed into more than just the creation and distribution of content- it is now moreso an approach to marketing.
  • Those who aren't "very effective" in their content marketing, often face a lack of measurement/analytics, content tools, lack of formalized strategy, and a lack of team and ownership.
  • Brand Awareness may be the top organizational goal, but right behind it is lead generation, engagement, sales and lead nurturing.

Content Marketing has gained new meaning. And it is imperative that marketers address and assess the need of their potential buyers. Technology can help transform your marketing department; there is no doubt about it. But today there is too high of a cost associated, that marketers rely on guesswork and "manual" labor to develop content that may or may not even be generating leads.

Ease your marketing stresses, and take a look at Captora. Captora is a leading technology that helps develop content to drive you to potential buyers before your competition.

Captora uses a SEE, DO, WIN approach by:

  • reviewing and assessing competitor intelligence to understand where your content ranks in comparison
  • both scaling and optimizing digital campaigns/content
  • viewing and measuring successes across all channels via real-time analytics dashboard

Take a look at our quick video and see how Captora can help you succeed in the world of content marketing today!

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