Marketing Budget Plan

Marketing Budget Plan is a crucial component to review efforts set forth in your resources. Each year, a lot of funding is being allocated for the marketing. Marketers have greater responsibility to be increasing the amounts of revenue. It is important to strategically plan based on where your buyers are and spend their funds into promotional events, webinars, and eBooks, etc accordingly . How do you identify, capture anonymous buyers and target who are looking for your software ? How do you run marketing programs that has highest impact?

What if you were able to eliminate guesswork by learning where you can find buyers and what types of keywords they launch, and how to capture the keywords as high-quality leads? Said platform already exists! Look no further, Captora is the full-circle solution to your Top of the Funnel Marketing Plan!

Captora Provides:

  • Double the speed of actionable insights
  • Higher the volume of organic search visits
  • 100% high conversions
  • 10x targeted landing pages
  • 55% less cost per lead

Make your dollars-at-work worthwhile!

Check out our video to learn how Captora will help you with your Top-of-the-Funnel Marketing!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video