Marketing Budget Best Practices

Marketing Budget Best Practices seem to vary depending on the CMO. One thing is certain though across the board: Marketers want to gain leads and drive pipeline simultaneously. Marketers are challenged to cut through the "noise" and implement solutions that drive real business results. With loads of content out there, Marketers are forced to utilize guesswork in identifying and capturing their targeted audience.

Marketers are on a quest to satisfy the following:

  • More traffic,
  • Better content & hyper-segmentation throughout the buyer journey,
  • High conversion rates across channels, while keeping Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) costs low.

Captora is your panacea to your marketing challenges. The solution that sits at the top of the funnel and propels the leads that bring you revenue!

With Captora:

  • Access a real-time content stream that tracks and monitors the traffic you are getting, but also that of your competition.
  • Scale your content with the creation of paid and organic pages that utilize your buyer's searching habits and develop content that is guaranteed to drive 100% higher conversion rates.
  • Track your marketing budget with loads of data that provides value to your marketing strategy along with those that C-Level employees hope to see.

Take a look at our Digital Marketing Acceleration platform with a quick video!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video