Marketing Automation Strategies

Marketing automation has been a buzz word in modern marketing. In fact, it has become common for fast growing companies. Marketing automation is type of marketing technology that enables marketers to automate and streamline their marketing tasks in order to increase efficiency and drive revenue growth. Marketing automation strategies have proven to be valuable in nurturing leads within one’s CRM system, but there hasn’t been any efforts of using it to drive top-of-funnel marketing to reach new buyers. Being able to engage new buyers is vital for marketers because it ensure they are growing their pipeline.

Marketers are faced with the challenge of being able to increase conversions with visitors who are not within their CRM system. Trying to figure out what content will attract new buyers can be complicated. Captora uses marketing automation strategies but takes it a step further in helping marketers capture new buyers with providing them with tools to see what their buyers are looking for. Captora allows marketers to:

  • Identify, create, and optimize targeted campaigns
  • Review, edit, and launch of new campaigns
  • Automatically test and edit campaigns for optimal results

Marketing Automation is a vital step in modern marketing, but it is not everything. Captora provides you with a robust engine that leverages your content space to capture thousands of new buyers and automates the inbound marketing process. Now you can nurture relationships with existing leads and capture new buyers.

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