Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation has become the standard for the marketers at companies of all sizes. Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce and other Marketing Automation providers offer extremely valuable tools for developing leads already captured in one’s contact database.

Automation software provides marketers the ability to segment personas and help in converting visitors to customers with the ongoing drip campaigns filled with valuable content. The marketing automation doesn't bring the new customers but will increase the customer conversions, who turn into leads and get sent down the funnel. A significant contribution can be made by optimizing new buyer contacts every month.

Marketers can increase their investments in marketing automation and CRM by expanding the top of the funnel.

Captora is a first and unique solution that optimizes and expands your marketing campaigns by engaging and converting new buyers with hyper-targeted content.

Discover, engage and convert new buyers by intelligently and automatically using existing content to scale targeted campaigns across multiple channels. Use the data and insights to focus your resources on campaigns but not by guessing. Rapidly adapt your marketing based on what new buyers are looking for. And, continuously optimize campaigns for the highest possible conversions.

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