Marketing Automation Generation

Recently, Marketing Automation has become the standard for fast-growth companies of all sizes. Marketing Automation providers such as Salesforce, Marketo and Eloqua offer valuable tools that nurture leads already in your CRM database. These companies enable marketers to segment personas and send ongoing drip campaigns filled with valuable content until a percentage of their database converts to customers. The challenge remains that marketing automation only increases conversions from leads already within your system - it does nothing for growing the amount of new prospective buyers entering your front door. By optimizing the capture of new buyers contacts each month, as a marketer can have a significant contribution to pipeline.

In order to reach new buyers, you must create content that buyers are looking for. Your content should be able to engage visitors to stay on your website and provide them with value in order to convert them into leads. As you write content, you are always guessing what your content should be, and many times it doesn't reach your target audience. Marketing Automation is just one step in reaching your marketing goals, you need to be able to reach buyers who aren’t looking for you as well in order to be successful in modern marketing.

Captora uses top-of-funnel marketing to capture new buyers not within your CRM system. Captora enables you to identify key words that buyers are searching for and creates targeted campaigns that capture conversion-ready buyers. Being able to capture new leads to drive pipeline as well as nurture relationships within your CRM system will allow you to drive pipeline and turn visitors into loyal customers. Now you can convert thousands of buyers and optimize marketing automation to grow revenue, drive leads, and reduce acquisition costs.

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