Marketing Automation For Small Business

Companies of all sizes are utilizing marketing automation processes to help streamline and automate their workflows. Marketing automation is used for lead generation, relationship marketing, customer retention, etc. Marketing automation can drive more pipeline, higher revenue, and increase leads. Marketo and Salesforce are great marketing automation systems that provide marketers with tools to nurture leads whom are within their CRM system. However, there isn’t a system where marketers are able to engage new prospective buyers effectively. Being able to optimize capturing new buyers will allow marketers to grow pipeline.

As a small business, driving pipeline and getting more customers is critical for success. To successfully reach new buyers, marketers must be able to produce engaging content. Since buyers are now online searching for valuable content that can aide them in making a purchase decision, marketers must be able to break through the noise and create informative content. Marketers are spending countless hours creating content that doesn’t reach their potential audience. Thus by providing consistent content marketers will be able to build relationships with potential buyers. By creating trust and credibility, buyers will convert to loyal customers down the line.

Marketing automation is a great tool to utilize to streamline marketing processes, however it is just one step in a successful marketing process. Being able to reach new buyers who aren’t looking for you will keep you ahead of your competition and allow you to a top leader in modern marketing. Captora optimizes top-of-funnel marketing to engage and capture new buyers who are not within one’s CRM database. Captora’s powerful technology leverages content within your space in order to automatically create targeted campaigns that are in line with what your buyers are searching for right now. Marketers are able to create valuable content for each campaign and effectively reach their target audience. Nurturing leads within one’s pipeline is important, but driving more leads to pipeline is the next step to marketing success. Now, marketers can utilize their time efficiently and not waste any of their efforts on guessing what content to create.

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