Marketing Automation Effectively

Marketing automation has been the standard for mid-funnel nurturing programs by marketers at companies of all sizes. Existing marketing automation providers such as Salesforce, Eloqua, and Marketo, are great tools that can nurture leads within one’s contact database. However, the challenge remains that marketing automation doesn’t grow new prospective buyers. The average B2B marketer has 15-20 point solutions for top-of-funnel marketing. Managing and normalizing data across all these solutions is a nightmare. By capturing new buyer contacts, marketers can have a much more significant contribution to pipeline.

Trying to capture new buyers each month can be a complex process. Buyers are searching for information on how your company can help them solve their problem. Producing informative content is critical in modern marketing. Creating whitepapers, infographics, videos, and more can be a great way to help buyers move forward in the buying process. Expanding the top of the funnel means marketers can make the most of their downstream investments in Marketing Automation and CRM.

Captora is revolutionizing marketing automation by focusing on top-of-funnel marketing. Being able to reach buyers who are not familiar with your brand is critical to growth. Captora enables marketers to:

  • Intelligently and automatically create new content and data-driven campaigns
  • Attract high-quality prospects who don't know your brand
  • Enhance existing marketing automation and CRM tools

Now marketers can ensure they have relevant content that reaches new buyers.

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