Marketing Analytics Tools

Today, the most important piece of technology in the digital marketer's toolbelt is a marketing analytics tool, so that the marketer can see how their campaigns are performing. But have you ever wondered how to truly leverage these tools in order to maximize your productivity?

Marketing analytics tools helps marketers analyze the performance of their campaigns and marketing programs across several channels. This has been historically difficult due to the effort it took to track performance of each channel separately, but marketing analytics tools like Captora can ease your pain by pulling all this valuable insight into one central location.

Not only do marketing analytics tools provide a holistic overview of your current performance, but the trend analysis found in these tools can provide insight into how your should allocate your marketing resources in the future so you reach your target audience most effectively.

Marketing analytics tools can help a marketer answer these questions:

  • Should I be happy with my current campaigns' performance?
  • What should I do to improve my marketing strategy going forward?
  • How does our marketing strategy stack up to our competitors?

As a marketing analytics tool, Captora answers these questions in the following ways:

  • Provides real-time competitive intelligence to uncover valuable market trends
  • Uncovers demand gaps to show how your content fairs next to your competitors
  • Provides the above data across all channels and content types
  • Reveals underperforming segments within your marketing campaigns

Watch this video to see how Captora's marketing analytics tools can take your marketing programs to the next level!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video