Marketing Analytics Software

Calling all digital marketers - how often do you wonder about the value of marketing analytics software? You've probably heard of thousands of companies which tout themselves as the hottest new marketing analytics software, but do you truly understand why or how you should be using these technologies?

Marketing analytics software helps marketers analyze marketing activities across multiple channels, with minimal interaction - the software is meant to run itself! Marketing analytics software gives marketers a holistic view of their marketing programs, which then helps them optimize their marketing campaigns and budgets. Thus, companies deploy marketing analytics software to decide their marketing strategy and elevate their customer interaction method.

Marketing analytics software answers the following questions:

  • How are our marketing campaigns performing today?
  • Is there anything we can do to improve our performance in the future?
  • Are we performing on par with our competition?
  • Where should I allocate my marketing resources next?

Captora's unique platform answers these questions in the following ways:

  • Gives the marketer real-time competitive intelligence to uncover valuable search intents and optimization opportunities
  • Gives the marketer data on demand gaps to help them stay ahead of their competition
  • Provides the above data across all channels and content types

Watch this video to understand how Captora's marketing analytics software can provide the extra analysis you're looking for!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video