Marketing Analytics Definition

Calling all marketers - how often do you get asked about the definition of marketing analytics? Marketing analytics is quite the buzz these days, but even marketers rarely understand the full potential in how the can use marketing analytics to fulfill their marketing goals.

Marketing analytics allow marketers to understand how effective their marketing initiatives are, and more importantly, where they should focus their time and efforts in order to attain the highest ROI. In simple terms, a marketer learns how well their marketing programs are performing, and what specific actions they should take next to get to the next level. In the past, in order to find useful marketing analytics, marketers had to maintain many different marketing systems which would show their performance in each channel - this was a time-consuming process, which rarely gave the marketer insight into where they needed to focus their attention next.

Marketing analytics can help answer the following questions:

  • How are our marketing campaigns doing today, and is there anything we can do to improve them in the future?
  • Are we performing up to par with our competitors?
  • Where should I put my marketing resources next?

Captora solves the problem of easily finding and fully utilizing marketing analytics in the following ways:

  • Provides real-time competitive intelligence
  • Provides data on search intents and demand gaps across channels and content types

Watch the following video to understand how Captora's Digital Marketing Acceleration platform can help your marketing team utilize marketing analytics to the fullest!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video