Long Tail Keywords

Like product inventory, keywords used on search engines also have a long-tail distribution. In terms of website Search Engine Optimization, this means that a website may actually get more hits by using less popular—but more specific—keywords.

A website may have hundreds or even thousands of competitors for the most popular keywords. This makes it very difficult to rank on the first page of a search, which is a difference of millions of hits. However, those same websites may only have a handful of competitors for a less popular set of keywords.

E-tailers selling digital products have very low costs for storage and distribution. Those selling physical products develop efficient warehouse management techniques in order to acquire, store, track, and mail inventory to consumers. Developing a tracking system is key, as establishing PAR (ideal inventory amounts) for items sold infrequently can be more difficult due to lack of data.

In order to convert increased inventory to sales, items need to be easily found by customers. Therefore, the most important component of developing long tail sales is to have a catalogue/search system that allows users to easily find products and get information about them. Every new product added to inventory has to be added to the database not only by title and category, but also with a number of descriptive search tags that enable it to be located by customers browsing the online sales floor.

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