Long Tail Distribution

In marketing, it is important to place your company's products and services directly into the hands of the customer without any bureaucracy. Long tail distribution has the ability to take long groupings of specific keywords that describe your product or service and tie those searches to a piece of content about your product. This placement of these phrases can be in your content, in the title of a customer success video, or in a blog highlighting your product. The buyer is highly influenced by the content they retrieve via these distribution channels. Thus, these channel can dictate terms to your marketing strategy. It is necessary to analyze your buyer's needs and capitalize on the same. In order to be able to create content that meets buyer needs, marketers must filter through the noise and create compelling content that not only answers buyer pain points, but also can be visible across channels where their buyers are.

Did a visitor hit your landing page? You are halfway there! Driving traffic to your landing page involves ensuring you are looking into where and what buyers are searching for. Your aim is to have them turn into a conversion. For helping you improving the conversion rates on landing rates, Captora Platform is eager to empower you with best strategies.

Captora conducts a crawl of your content and your competitors' content and analyzes where the content gaps and opportunities are. Captora's algorithms search the top searches buyers are conducting and makes educated suggestions as to how to build out your content. Create hyper-personalized landing pages and then draw in customers with this content and turn your quality leads into buyers and then, revenue!

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