Long Tail Definition

The Long Tail Definition is a new addition to today's content marketing dictionary. Beyond basic terminology encompassing your product, buyers tend to be far more specific with all of the resources out there. Search engines act as the ATM in their exchange of information regarding your products. Demand Generation covers all Top of Funnel channels with the goal of finding and acquiring new customers. The top of the funnel serves to attract buyers who will turn into qualified leads and be sent down the funnel to create a sales opportunity.

Long tail keywords tend to be 3 or more words that specify the details associated with a product or service; for example: "digital video conferencing solutions".

Captora has customers, like Blue Jeans, Host Analytics, DocuSign and Marketo, who are seeing double the conversion rates, 55% lower cost per lead, and 2x the speed of applicable insights with the campaigns they create with long tail keywords, to drive customers to their content.

Long tail keywords are the key in connecting your buyers to your content in their search. Captora allows you to see where your content is, where your competition's content is and what is working vs what is not. Assess conversions, traffic, and the key phrases that buyers are using with Captora's platform. Captora is the frontier of top of the funnel marketing automation.

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