Long Tail Content

Are you going after long tail keywords or are you just focusing on head terms? Long tail keywords are longer more specific phrases that are pain points that potential buyers are searching for. While many marketing strategies focus on promoting a specific product or brand, long tail marketing involves more inventory management than product promotion. By providing a greater variety of inventory (extending the long tail), businesses hope to reach more customers and generate more total sales.

In order to market to the long tail, a business has to first have/develop the capability to manage an extensive inventory. Maintaining popular products cannot be ignored by a business seeking to develop its long tail market, as being unable to provide a wanted product to an interested customer not only misses a sales opportunity but risks losing that customer to a competitor on future purchases. Therefore, developing the long tail does not mean replacing popular inventory with a variety of less popular products, but instead supplementing that inventory. This can be done to a greater extent as the costs of storing and distributing inventory fall.

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