Long Tail Concept

The Long Tail Concept is a growing idea in today's world of content marketing. Nowadays people utilization of resources much more than simply search engines as a part of their quest for new products, technologies and tools is banal. Demand Generation Strategy must have coverage across all Top of Funnel channels to find and acquire novel customers. The top of the funnel functions as almost a magnet, drawing potential leads through content and inbound marketing to your funnel as a whole.

Long tail keywords are 3+ word phrases specifying the details of a specific product or service; for example: "calorie tracking watch with an app". Users today tend to be specific when searching for the product they want. Roughly 20-25% of all searches are completed in Google with long tail keywords. Making sure your content will align with these keywords is of utmost importance to companies to drive conversions.

Captora provides a software platform that will fine- tune your website, optimizing the content to promote visibility when buyers search for those long-tail keywords.

Our "secret sauce" algorithms maximizes campaign effectiveness and boost your quality net new leads!

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