Leading Marketing Automation

Marketing automation solutions have become the standard for many companies. Leading marketing automation providers include Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua. These marketing automation providers are great for generating leads, nurture leads, and sending hot leads to sales. But, marketing automation systems do not help marketers reach buyers who have not heard of your brand.

Being able to engage new buyers with your brand is critical for your company’s success. With the change in the buying process the most effective way of reaching buyers is through content. Marketers should be creating informative, relevant, and valuable content to keep buyers wanting to learn more about your brand. Most marketers tend to guess about what content to produce and do not have the data to see campaign performance, thus marketers tend on loosing out on pipeline growth.

Captora works with leading marketing automation to ensure marketers are engaging and capturing as many potential buyers as possible. Captora combines data, process, and top of the funnel to ensure more leads are going into your marketing automation system.

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