Lead Metrics On Quality Leads

Lead metrics on quality leads are not always easy to measure and quantify. A constant pressure exists today to amp up pipeline with buyers. Quality leads and their relevant metrics are key in assessing your top-of-the-funnel efforts.

Captora is the leading technology in top-of-the-funnel marketing. Our platform scales your content and that of your competition to show you the opportunities for demand generation. By providing you real-time website data of your sales leads, Captora helps rev the marketing engine to drive buyers to your site, and have them convert.

Breakdown of Captora's Data-Driven Marketing Platform:

  1. CONTENT – Develop hyper-customized content to create new campaigns.
  2. REACH-OUT – Engage with new buyers across various search channels, social channels and advertisements.
  3. CONVERSION – Drive consistent conversions to attain and track ROI benefits.

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