Lead Generation Website

If you're wondering how to build a great lead generation website, consider these tips for keyword-optimized landing pages that are proven to increase conversion rates.

  • The title should be an exact match to the keyword phrase. Buyers are more likely to engage with content if it's an exact match.
  • Create different versions of pages and content. This will increase your conversion rate and engagement
  • Avoid linking to "dead ends". Instead, embed files in the page, or use intermediary pages
  • Include dynamic sections with "Related content" links that promote content that is also relevant to your buyer.
  • Use in-linking to build strength around core terms

Some of these lead generation website best practices, such as linking only to pages with your navigation, can be implemented easily with relatively little effort. Others, such vertical-specific content and pages, may require a small army of marketers, writers, designers, and web producers.

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