Lead Generation vs Demand Generation

As modern marketers, we often hear demand generation and lead generation being used interchangeably. And while it is important to tie these two strategies together, misaligned expectations arise when these two strategies are conflated.

In short, lead generation is focused on capturing registration information in exchange for a piece of valuable content. On the other-hand, demand generation is focused on shaping the perspective of your target audience to drive demand for your services or solution.

Lead Generation Strategy - An effective lead generation strategy begins by;

    1. Creating Buyer Personas - Before you can begin focusing on capturing leads you must start by focusing on the PERSON, not the sale. This means identifying keywords, how your content will alleviate consumer pain points and where those consumers they are digesting their content.
    2. Multi Channel Distribution - It is important to ensure that your content is aligned with where potential buyers are during the buyer journey. For example, as 67% of Twitter users are more inclined to buy from brands they follow (ContentPlus) your social media content should be a mix of thought leadership and promotional messaging. On the contrary, if consumers are organically searching out themes within your industry, you want to ensure that your content is heavy on thought leadership.
    3. Targeted Landing Pages - While your content mix should account for multi-channel distribution, all of your content should be leading your visitors back to a targeted landing page. A landing page is a where a visitor lands when engaging with a certain piece of content. The messaging is personalized as well as the CTA (a call to action that will prompt your visitor to exchange their contact information for a piece of content, thus turning them into a lead.)

Demand Generation Strategy - Demand generation is a term that encompasses all marketing programs used to generate brand awareness. As it includes multiple touch points, it cannot be simply broken down into a high-level 3 step strategy. Demand generation is lean, it is agile and it is embedded with high's and lows. At the highest point, are major events with C-level executives that generate loads of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL's). However, these are scheduled periodically throughout the calendar year . A next step down is the promotional content that is scheduled around these events such as webinars, e-books. Next, is paid and organic search (lead generation), content syndication, and social media messaging that generate leads that can then be nurtured and qualified. And at the bottom (though in no sense obsolete) is the scramble to repurpose and re-message your existing content.

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