Lead Generation Tools

As modern marketers are aware, the landscape of marketing is continually shifting. With marketers under pressure to accelerate pipeline, fuel growth, and reel in more leads, it is crucial they have tools in place to cast the largest net. Here are three tools that are a must have for lead generation.

  1. Social Media Management - Social media management solutions, such as Hootsuite, enable companies to effectively promote content across multiple social media networks from one platform.
  2. Integrated Digital Marketing Platforms - Obviously modern marketers are aware of CRM's (Customer Relationship Management) solutions with ESP's (Email Service Providers). What is a little less obvious is having marketing automation platforms that not only integrate into your CMS (content management system) but also into your CRM. By integrating these technologies you can automate the process of converting a visitor into a lead, and converting that lead into MQL.
  3. Captora! An integrated digital marketing solution that its top of funnel to feed marketing automation databases with net new leads to be nurtured and qualified. Captora enables marketers to leverage existing content to boost conversion rates and increase productivity of back office investments (CRM, CMS, Marketing Automation).

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