Lead Generation Tips

Lead Generation Tips! You all want them and we got them for you!

Here's some great tips to kickstart your marketing ... and then sales!

  1. Master social media The best thing to do is be everywhere. Be on Twitter, Facebook, even the neighborhood Internet new group. You want to be signed up for all the social media sites.
  2. Create Useful Content Hey, guys, I said, "Useful content". Spam, cut-and-paste jobs and blather WILL NOT work. People only read useful content and you need lots of it to attract leads.
  3. Have a Call To Action People hear about your site from social media, they visit your site for content but then what? You need to have some way that users to register their interest in hearing more from you. A Call To Action is a form or video that allows you to track your visitor back to his home base.
  4. Be Available in Person So many people are available on the Internet but, when you have a question in real life, where are they? No phone number, no email address. Have you ever had anybody at Amazon answer the phone? It's impossible. But Amazon doesn't need leads and you do. You get the leads by putting your phone number and email address out there so people can find you.
  5. Build Trust Testimonials and references give the person confidence that you are who you say you are. Potential customers won't call you and become leads if they don't trust you.

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Digital Marketing Acceleration Video