Lead Generation Technologies

Here are three new companies that focus on lead generation technologies.

  1. Captora Captora provides an end-to-end digital marketing solution. You can create pages, launch online campaigns and track results. The end-to-end part of the solution makes Captora unique in the marketplace.
  2. Google Google is an important lead generation technology. You may know Google as a search engine but, in reality, Google is all about audience. When you buy a Google Ad, you are leveraging a massive piece of lead generation technology.
  3. Marketo Marketo provides a way to convert audience into leads and figure out what part of the sales funnel that the lead is in. Marketo cannot get people to your web site but, by properly categorizing customers, Marketo is a lead generation technology that keeps leads as leads.

Lead generation technologies are an important piece of the puzzle.

Watch this short video to find out more.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video